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IMHO Taopatch is not a Scam!

Argh I have spent too much time this morning arguing online with the person behind this website who is a "materials scientist PhD pending", he does not have MS but is very quick to say Taopatches are a scam. I beg to differ (he told me I am either lying or in denial) based on the fact that I actually have MS and I am using the Taopatches correctly in accordance with the instructions and as such I am seeing benefits. He argues that there is no clinical evidence to back up Taopatch claims and that they should send him patches so he can test them. My reply to him was 'why not buy the patches yourself if you are so keen to test them' to which he didn't give an answer to, other than Taopatch don't appear to be interested in working with him. Why would they?! They don't need his validation of their product - they just need the validation of people with MS who are using them and seeing success. Anyone who is basing their decision to purchase Taopatches on the back of this website is in my opinion missing out on what could be the best thing they have ever done to help their MS.

I have no affiliation with Taopatch - I am just a regular person who has MS and is always open minded to finding things that may benefit my life. I have nothing to gain by writing about Taopatch. I have wasted money on things before like other people and I am skeptical about products that say that will change your life. But I read other's experiences in the Light Therapy and MS group before making my decision to purchase them. Every day I am glad I made that decision and I have been honest throughout my experiences with them to date. I hate people who lie - I am someone who wears their heart on their sleeve - I am passionate and honest and feel insulted by anyone telling me I am not. Hence why I am writing this post today.



My walking is still rubbish but I have more better days moving around the house than I did prior to the Taopatches. I don't wobble anywhere near as much and I haven't been using my FES for the last couple of months now because my mobility is better than it was and to me that's a plus point. I still use two walking sticks when I am out and about and on some days I am faster than I used to be but I still get tired quickly when doing so because it's still hard work for my body to move itself.

Standing and Bending

In the first week of using Taopatch I remember getting up from a chair without having to hold on or think about it - I just got up - this was the first real sign that something was different. I still do this but not all the time - but it's happening more and more so again that's a big tick for me. I can stand still without constantly wobbling and having to put my hand on something and because I am more stable I can bend down without wobbling which makes it easier. It's still hard work bending down because my legs aren't strong enough to hold me in that position for long but every day I am improving more in between moments of being rubbish again but that's the nature of MS - I focus on the fact that these snippets of improvements are happening more regularly and are getting stronger as time goes by.


I will have to get my lovely Personal Trainer Caroline to write a piece on the improvements she has seen since I started using Taopatches as she is always amazed - she keeps saying I wish we had videoed you beforehand. I am stronger than I was because my posture is better - I move quicker which means we get through more exercises than before. She is a real validation of my improvements - she sees more than I do. I don't sit down as much as I used to whilst doing standing exercises, things are just so much better than they were BUT I still have times when I revert to being rubbish again but this is part of the brain processing everything so as I've said a thousand times, downtime is completely normal and part of the process.

Reduction in Spasticity

A few weeks after starting Taopatch my Osteopath who I've been seeing twice a month for the last couple of years noticed my knee was moving more easily - this has just got better and better over time. He has no doubt that the Taopatches have made a significant impact on my body, for the last few weeks he has noticed that my ankle is now starting to loosen - it has a long way to go but he can notice the difference in it. I can't.

Sam Pinches (the guy behind the website) says it's all a placebo effect. I argue this, yes I agree the mind is capable of amazing things but I am sorry there are just too many improvements that can be seen by other people too, I just don't buy it. I am nearly 7 months in to using them and you know what if he can prove it's a placebo effect then fine, I don't care, they are doing good things so they were worth every penny I spent on them. I am sad that some people might be put off trying the patches based on his website as I want everyone to experience the benefits like I have. It is almost impossible to run a standardised test for something like this and that's not because they are fake but because there are so many variations between people with MS and not just symptoms, but how they face life with MS - do they take supplements, exercise, eat healthy? You would never have a like for like participant - also there are so many parts of the process for using Taopatch - how would you ensure that each participant follows the guidelines to the letter, place the patches in the correct places, drink enough water, wear them for the right amount of time, do all the detox stages, do the pyramind protocol and ensure they all do if the right time and place in the right place.... just too many factors will influence the outcome that it would be impossible. If you purchase 6 patches which is what you really need to do the pyramid protocol then it will cost you $500 - but they last two years so this is $250 per year and that is less than $5 per week which in the scheme of things isn't much money at all.

I just think the only people who can really critique Taopatches are people who have followed the instructions properly and have done the first three months ensuring they have done both the liver and kidney detox and do the Pyramid Protocol daily. Then you have the right (IMHO) to talk about whether they have worked for you or not.

If you haven't tried them and want to then please read my other posts on how to use them, set realistic expectations and follow the rules properly. I wish you luck and I hope you see as many benefits as I have done to date. I look forward to continuing to share my experiences. I am currently over halfway through my liver detox (2nd time round) and doing well. Can't wait to see what additional benefits I might see after I've done this and the kidney detox (next month) as it definitely increased my cellular activity last time I did them.

I will leave you now and go back to my day - I haven't got any specific photos to share with this post so here's a cute photo of my kitten taken this morning - as who doesn't love a kitten pic!

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